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Our Work

Get to know our projects, which have been a total success with our clients and have forged our way through the industry. We put hard work, dedication and always try to innovate through our research and development methods so that our clients high standards and demands are met.


Radiology project florida

We developed a high tech facility for FNU and 2 other clinics in Florida, reaching new highs in telemedicine and advanced medical technology.

Office building renovation new york 

In this project we were part of the renovation of a 70 year old building in new york city, 111 wall street, has our stamp in its last 4 floors, packed with technology optimized for workspaces, making life inside the building more advanced and efficient.

new yoyrk.jpg


In the great city of atlanta we left our footprint within a magnificent building mid-town tower. We worked so hard in this project that we had to make 2 patents in the process, it is without a doubt a brilliant work by our team.

Las vegas

In las vegas worlds resort we made a huge effort to meet the clients standard of technology and luxury, we were involved in the vault design as well as all the tech and security in the hotel's casino and bedrooms.

worlds rsort.jpg
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